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Power Source Expansion Plan
in Cambodia.

CMS Logistics - Energy and Power Project Cargo

CMS innovates critical standard/customized technical and safety specifications, detailed logistics mapping and management, definite solutions with qualified people and fleet, warehousing facilities to complete-execute the project cargo.

Customers also entrsted CMS on proven full co-ordinating connection with Government, Ministries, Custom Administration and other relevant official administration. We focus project completion to deliverable assurance!

Power Transmission Plant, Generators, Turbines, Transformers, Stators, Rotors, HRSG modules, Cable, Alternator, Exciter, Circuit Breaker, Isolator, Station Transformer, Motor, Earthing Equipment.


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operational grounds.
We constructed intellectual business operational understanding with China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand & etc. CMS Logistics contributes vibrant positive collaborative synergies over trade partnership ties in the asia region and international gorunds.

Over years of investment on projects' cargo logistics from facilities, resources and people are extending to mainland southeast asia region in 24/7 activation, operative state with logistics solutions to project cargo fulfillment. Our strong stable networked connection in Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar had well established which drawn full advantage in any projects' cargo progression.