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CMS Logistics - Mining Project Cargo
CMS in leadership with the mining industry by executing full specialization on logistics solutions - services, technical - safety challenges & etc by transporting its cargo to remote site.

CMS simply resourceful to operate-ready, precise job execution to fulfillment for commercial, industrial, governmental and military project cargo and support any cargo by size, weight and volume. Break Bulk > Heavy lift > Out-of-Guage > Door-to-Door.

Customers also entrusted CMS on proven full co-ordinating connection with Government, Ministries, Custom Administration and other relevant official administration. CMS focus project completion to deliverable assurance!

Beam setters, Boom drills, Breakers, Continuous miners, Conveyor systems, Crushers, Degasification drills, Dozers, Drilling systems, Drill jumbos, Entry drivers, Excavators, Feeder-breakers, Gold trammels, Graders, Haulage systems, Loaders, Locomotives, Longwall systems, Mobile roof supports, Pallet handlers, Powder loaders, Prime mover tractors, Roof bolters, Scaling machines, Scissor lifts, Shearers, Shield movers, Shovels, Sluices


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