An assembly with total collection of field experiences, trade abilities with knowledge, skills and resources capacities. These actions and processes on job execution had been built/transformed into standard operating procedure (S.O.P.) formular as core strength of CMS logistics solutions - project cargo management. It qualified CMS trade specializations in Out-Of-Guage (OOG), Break Bulk (B.B.), Heavy-Lift project cargos management. Sophisticate to detailed logistics mapping and logistics management, effective networked transportation, deployment on qualified people and fleet infrasturcture, warehousing facilities, understand critical standard/customized technical to safety specifications and responsive on contigency and crisis management. Customers also entrusted CMS Logistics on proven full co-ordinating connection with Government Ministries and Agencies, Custom Administration, Licensing and more ...


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operational grounds.
We constructed intellectual business operational understanding with China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand & etc. CMS Logistics contributes vibrant positive collaborative synergies over trade partnership ties in the asia region and international gorunds.

Over years of investment on projects' cargo logistics from facilities, resources and people are extending to mainland southeast asia region in 24/7 activation, operative state with logistics solutions to project cargo fulfillment. Our strong stable networked connection in Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar had well established which drawn full advantage in any projects' cargo progression.

They Entrusted Us.
CMS MgPro Initiative Logistics Solutions and Management
1. Solutions’ based logistics project cargo services.
2. Operative, responsive information systems to communicable reporting.
3. Management infrastructure and operative resources
Cross borders and domestic logistics management | Evaluation planning and applicable principles | On-site assessment, mapping and adoption | Cost outlay strategy | Engineered study, advisory and solution implementation | Logistics solution mapping precision | Transportation and route design methodology | Site logistics advisory and management | Multiple level and operation points project management | SOP operational / execution management | Technical engineer / mechanical team | Crisis management and maintenance | Designated operational personnel / team | Traffic controlling and reporting | Project overseeing supervisory | Custom / shipping administration and documentation | Inbound / outbound logistics management | Logistics protection connect | SOP fulfilment | SOP customer service protocol.

CMS TransTechniQ Innovation Transportation System
4. Solutions implemented transportation.
5. Effective fleet infrastructure based.
6. Readiness capacity and supplies.
Cross borders and domestic chain management | Intelligent connectivity mapping | Ancillary freight systematic | Up-stream, mid-stream and down-stream facility | SOP productivity model construction | Operational fleet, flow and movement command | Vehicle load and route optimization plan | 24/7 activation with multiple level and operational points | Multi modes of shipment and chartering | Inbound and outbound custom proceed | Convoy and protection | Emergency notification and activation process | Track and communication reporting | Warehousing and storage | Protection and insurance | SOP customer support protocol.
CMS Logistics takes job challenges onto our shoulders to account project cargo completion and delivered.

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